Evolution of E-Business

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Evolution of E-Business
John Smith
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Ethics in Business
Robert Smith
February 11, 2011

The evolution of e-Business has placed many organizations in a position to rethink business strategies to remain productive and competitive. Speed has been a major factor that sets e-business apart from traditional business practices. The luxury of possessing speed has allowed organizations the ability to reach a more diverse customer base and exploit local and global markets (Papazoglou & Ribbons, 2006). Internet, accessibility has evolved over time. Once considered expensive and trendy, the internet has evolved and taken on a new meaning in terms of conducting business in a complex environment. As organizations incorporate e-Business into the realm of business practices, diversity plays an important role in the manner in which supply chains are managed. Considered to be a common term used widely in a business environment, e-business has a major impact that has a residual effect that basically touches every aspect of one’s life. The Internet when first implemented, was primarily used for marketing purposes providing information using websites. As the technology improved and computer programs and systems became more user friendly, organizations shifted gears and started to use e-business as a means to promote and support customer service functions to include sales and delivery of products. Initially e-business was geared toward (B2C) business to customer purposes however operations have expanded to (B2B) business to business E-business has the responsibility of supporting operations of the business from start to finish. The sharing of information allows company’s to pass information throughout the supply chain both internally and externally to better meet the demands of customers. E-business and e-commerce are terms oftentimes used interchangeably. The e stands for “electronic networks”...
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