Everyday Is a New Begining

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Every Day is a New Beginning
No matter how bad was yesterday, it has passed and today is a new beginning and we have the opportunity to make good of what we have failed to achieve yesterday, so that we could achieve a better result in the future. Each day truly is a gift and some people don’t even wake up to see the light of a new day! When most people do wake up and hear the alarm, they hit the snooze button and turn over to catch a few more z’s. Before they even get out of bed, they are avoiding the gift of the new day. Don’t take the day for granted, and even this in itself will give you a new perspective. How we start our day in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. If you “get out of the wrong side of the bed”, have a negative attitude, grumble and complain while getting ready in the morning, and don’t eat a healthy breakfast, don’t be surprised if the rest of your day is less than satisfactory. If you already have a great morning routine that works well for you – fantastic! Keep at it! However if you usually hit the snooze button, are always rushing around in a frenzy and don’t get a chance to eat breakfast before you leave the house, it would be worthwhile to experiment and try some new morning routines or rituals and see if your day progresses differently. A good starting point for getting your day off to a positive start would be getting up when the alarm goes off, or whenever you naturally wake up, whichever occurs first. Actually, if you intend to introduce some new habits in the beginning of your day, you might even need to set your alarm a little earlier. Once you decide what new practice you would like to kick off your morning routine, try getting up at least a half hour before your normal wake up time. This will give you plenty of time to fit in your new habits. Experiment and see what works for you. Keep reading for some other suggestions on creating morning rituals. Morning Makeover Ideas:

Positive Intention: Before you even...
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