Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics

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First Energy and the Business Code of Ethics
March 7, 2011

First Energy and the Business Code of Ethics
First Energy prides itself on the ethical standards it has created. These standards are the basis that builds upon the trust between customers, shareholders, employees, and the surrounding communities. First Energy encompasses more than five states and supplies millions of customers. As a service company, First Energy expects its employees to adhere to a workplace free of harassment, unethical or unlawful business activities, and discrimination. Each employee must conduct him or herself accordingly with high ethical standards while conversing with customers, other employees, and First Energy suppliers. These standards contribute to First Energy’s mission statement. First Energy’s mission statement will strive to provide high-quality products, competitively priced, and exceptional services in four areas. These areas include; Energy sales and services, power supply, energy delivery, non-regulated, and regulated supplemental services related to the core business (First Energy Corp, 2007). The following paragraph will delve deeper into the ethical make-up of First Energy. First Energy seems to portray a utilitarianism type of ethical system. Utilitarianism strives to obtain the highest positive effects, which include morals and financial maximization, and minimize any negative outcomes (Reference for Business, 2011). This ethical system portrays itself best from the company’s website. First Energy’s vision is to become the best in their field and recognized as such. Striving for excellence in operations, safety commitment, and top rated customer service is essential. First Energy will focus on long-term growth, commitment to its employees, and maximum financial stability with focus on the highest morals (First Energy Corp, 2010). The key pulled from the previous statement attempts to substantiate the ethical system with maximum stability...
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