Evaluation of Training Program

Topics: Management, Evidence, Expected value Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: June 18, 2011

Determine the scope of an evaluation project.
Analyze pre-training baseline and expected performance.
Determine organizational support for training evaluation. •Prepare an evaluation plan.
Design evaluation instruments.
Collect evaluation data.
Verify the validity and reliability of evaluation data.
Calculate the return-on-investment (ROI) of training.
Assess the return-on-expectations (ROE) of training.
Determine the results obtained from training.
Isolate non-training variables from training results.
Identify employee application of new skills.
Identify employee learning level.
Identify employee reactions to training.
Analyze training problems and improvements.
Prepare an evaluation report.
Communicate evaluation results with impact.
Who Should Attend
For trainers who want to evaluate the effectiveness of their training, communicate success convincingly, and contribute significantly to their organizations. What You Will Learn
Plan Evaluation
How to make critical planning decisions that will guarantee success. •The 4 levels of evaluation: reaction, learning, application, and results, including return-on-investment (ROI). •Step-by-step procedures to successfully evaluate any training program – even "soft" skills. •How to turn "fuzzy" training expectations into measurable results. •Proven methods for getting management buy-in.

7 key steps for planning a highly successful evaluation. •How to write a concrete evaluation goal.
4 practical ways to determine baseline and expected performance. •Where to look (and who to see) to get the right data.
Simple ways to involve management in the evaluation process. •5 key elements to make your data more accurate and convincing. •Practical and time-saving methods that will give you the confidence to tackle any training situation.

Design Instruments
Over 30 proven evaluation tools – including many novel...
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