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Internship Report
Glion Campus

AD- BD Program (Semester 2)
Diploma Program (Semester 3)


First Name: CHATTAN


Country of Internship: THAILAND

Exact starting and ending dates of your internship:

20 DEC 2011 – 20 MAY 2012
Descriptive summary of establishment
Name of establishment: MANDARIN ORIENTAL BANGKOK
Full address: 48 Oriental Avenue Bangkok Thailand 10500
Telephone: +66 (2) 659 9000
Fax: +66 (2) 659 9284 / 659 9285
Website address: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/bangkok/
Person in charge of Personnel and/or Training
Surname/first name: Mr Krischai Puttathammakul
Email address: Mobkk-Training@mohg.com
Skype address: -

Training Conditions

Were you introduced to your new position through:

An induction day ?Yes (No(
A course / seminar ?Yes (No(
Other forms of training ?Yes(No (

Briefly describe the quality of the accommodation and food that was provided for the employees.

The quality of the food was excellent. The hotel serve 4 meals a day including appetizer, main course, desert and beverage without any charge for trainees and employees. No comment about the accommodation as I have my own apartment in town.

Would you consider your internship to have been:

Excellent Good Adequate Fair Not adequate

During your training how did you develop the following skills?

Well Acceptable With difficulty
I developed my existing
professional skills

I adapted myself to the working

I adapted myself to working in a...
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