Southwest Airlines in 2010: Culture, Value, and Operation Practices

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000731054 Yezhou Liang
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Essay 1

Advertising Industry

Name: Yezhou Liang
Tutor’s name: Nola Stair
Submission data: 14/12/2012

I. Introduction
II. Definition, history of advertising
* Definition
* History
III. Marketing and Advertising
* Marketing concept
* The concept of Exchange
* The concept of branding
* The concept of added value
IV. Advertising management
* History of the advertising management
* How advertising works
* Method of advertising management
V. Advertising strategy
* Advertising planning and decision making
* Advertising strategy content
VI. Conclusion & Summary
VII. Reference

Advertisement can be found everywhere in our daily life, such as at street, at bus station, at Internet, at TV etc. As long as there is business action, advertisement must be used. For example, Apple Company would make a number of advertisements in order to increase the attention before Apple company release new product. Although advertisement pays a significant role in our society, someone might do not recognize the advertising industry. This essay will focus on advertising industry.

Advertising industry is a very popular project. Each year many graduate choose advertising industry to work on, and majority of high school students hope to research the project which relate to advertising industry in university. Some Famous stars and directors also take part in the industry. For instance, great director David Lynch made an advertisement for Dior in 2010. Because of a wide range of advertising industry, it is important that the advertising management and strategy. How manage advertising industry, how make a effective strategy, and what is the relationship between the advertising industry and marketing. These three questions are key point which the essays discuss. The first section of this essay will introduce to the definition and history of advertising. Next this essay will separately analyse to aforementioned three questions. The last section will give a short summary and conclusion to this essay.

Definition and history of advertising

In the past, there are a great numbers of definitions about advertising. Industry icon Leo Burnett defined it as “selling corn flakes to people who are eating cheerio” (Bendinger B. 1993 P.60). U.S president Calvin Coolidge called it “the life of trade” (Bradley, Daniels and Jones 1960, P.13), and in a advertising textbook, Daniel starch (1923, P.5) suggested “the simplest definition of advertising, and one that will probably meet the test of critical examination, is that advertising is selling in print” A more modern definition can be found in the American Heritage Dictionary (2000) “ the activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.” Although many scholars have defined advertising, on comparing most of them, it can be summarized as these key points: broadcast, force and education. According to Printers’ Ink (1963, p.20), he gives his own opinion to the 3key points “Advertising is one of the east...
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