Evaluation and Feedback of Micro Teach Session

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Evaluation and Feedback of Micro teach session

Assessment 6

Evaluation and Feedback of Micro teach session

The purpose of this assignment is to explain my selection of teaching and my learning approaches. I will be evaluating my choice of resources and explain how I gave constructive feedback. Evaluation

When planning my session I wanted to ensure that I used interactive teaching and learning resources. I made sure that my PowerPoint presentation was in order and my laptop was charged. I ensured that the handouts for the quiz were clear to read and pitched my questions at the level of the group, should I have decided that the questions were too hard, I would not have spilt the group into two groups and completed the activity all together. I wanted the presentation to be informal and that the learners were comfortable and happy to ask question should they want to. I wanted to use resources that catered for all learners, I provided a PowerPoint for visual, discussion and activities for aural and a group activity for kinaesthetic learners. When delivering my session I ensured that the lighting was suitable and that all learners could see the screen. The quiz that I delivered gave learners the opportunity to lead the session whilst still learning about the given subject. This also broke up the delivery and enabled me to see what learners were taking on board. I started the session using an ice breaker this enabled the learners to interact with each other, in retrospect I should have started the ice breaker by doing the task first this would enable the learners to feel comfortable and ensure that everyone understood the task. I then moved on to the presentation firstly highlighting the 3 outcomes that I wanted the leaners to take on board, I used the PowerPoint to highlight the objectives whilst discussing with the learners in more depth the reasons why I had chosen the three objectives. I then moved on to the first...
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