Key Influences on a Individual

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: September 28, 2012
P1- Explain the key influences on the personal learning processes of an individual.

In this assignment, I will be talking about the key influences on an individual’s personal learning. The key influences that I believe to have on an individual’s personal learning process would include: informal and formal learning, motivation, attitudes, friends, learning style and access to resources. I choose these influences because they all have an effect on an individual’s learning process, abilities and knowledge. The first influence that I believe is important is informal and formal learning, because with informal learning, it’s personal to the individual as they have got the responsibility for gaining the knowledge themselves and they would have to find the information they need from using the internet, libraries and textbooks. However, formal learning is impersonal and the individual learns everything from a formal setting such as school. Having access to resources is a key influence because if it wasn’t for the internet, libraries and textbooks, we wouldn’t be able to find any information that we might need for coursework, etc. The library is useful because the individual can look for any book on any subject and decide whether or not they want to borrow it. The internet is also very useful as its quick and easy to find the right information you need, however, it can also cause the individual to get distracted with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Friends can also be a key influence on an individual’s personal learning process. I believe this is important because with their friends, they are there for encouragement and someone to ask if you need help with anything. Friends can also help the individual with their work by sharing their thoughts and ideas and be there to motivate them. As well as this, they can also be known to distract the individual if they get bored and will try and persuaded the individual to stop working and do something else....
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