Evaluating a Field Trip (Reflection)

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Evaluating Field Trip
(Conducting a Field Trip)

Last Wednesday, May 8, 2013, our class carried out a meaningful activity – a role play, which was all about “Conducting a Field Trip”. The class was divided into 4 groups and each group was designated to act according to the part they were assigned.

Luckily, I was assigned in Group 4. Our part was to act out the last procedure on having a field trip which was the Evaluating a Field Trip. On the picture above, I was the one who acted as the teacher while my classmates were the ones who acted as my students. I was discussing about the happenings of our field trip last time with my students. I assumingly asked them of what they have learned and how do they felt about our “field trip” and also told them their mischiefs and unlikable behaviors during our trip. I told them to not to do those unlikable manners or behaviors again next time.

Because of our role-play activity, I already learned the steps or procedures in making a field trip with my future students. It was very important for me to learn in order for me, as a future teacher, to also apply it whenever I will become a licensed teacher. Then, there will be no difficulties anymore for me in conducting a field trip with my own class. I will just follow those steps I have learned in Ed.Tech. 1. I will make sure that by the help of those steps, I will be able to conduct a field trip with my students successfully and meaningfully.
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