Evaluating Eligibility Rules

Topics: Unemployment, Welfare, Unemployment benefits Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: November 17, 2011
The Ohio Job and Family Services is an agency that is designed to help families and individuals in need. We know that there are times when things get tough and these people need help, so that is what this agency does. They have many programs to assist people in meeting their everyday lives. Some of those programs consist of the food assistance program, job training program, unemployment compensation, and medical assistance program. These programs are for low income families who can’t afford these things themselves. This agency does everything they can to give these people the assistance that they need. Also, there are eligibility rules that they have to meet in getting this assistance. This agency uses many types of eligibility rules. The unemployment compensation program uses the prior contribution rule. For someone to receive unemployment benefits they must have worked somewhere for a period of time to be eligible for unemployment. This is a state law so if someone was working for a month then they would not be able to get unemployment compensation. Another rule this agency uses is the administrative rule. The food stamp program falls under this rule. The administrative rule restricts the freedom of staff members to use their own discretion of whether an individual needs this service. Eligibility for this is determined on income and size of household. This agency also uses the eligibility by professional discretion rule. The program for medical benefits falls under this rule. Usually a physician will control part of the entitlement to some kind of social welfare benefit. The eligibility by means testing is the most common rule that this agency uses. Income and assets are determined to see if these people fall under the standard. If they do then they are able to receive benefits and to get the assistance that they need. This is the most common eligibility rule. After analyzing the eligibility rules for this agency, I did not notice any possible...
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