Evaluate the Success of Strategies Used to Promote Population Policies and Improve Education Standards in Different Countries.

Topics: Population, Developed country, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Education and population control are key to ensuring the development of a country, therefore there is a need for the governments of various countries to implement strategies to improve education standards and promote population policies in different parts of the world. Countries that have a higher standard of education tend to be developed countries ( DCs), and countries that have a lower standard of education tend to be less developed countries ( LDCs). This is because, if more people in the country receive education/ higher education, they will have a higher chance of finding a job. This not only amounts to a contribution to the country’s economy, but also ensures that most of the country’s population are able to afford a decent standard of living for themselves. Many governments have now realised the importance of education, and many countries have started implementing educational policies. For instance, Thailand, the government of Thailand has launched a project to provide education for the hill tribe communities in the country. The project was launched in a bid to promote literacy and to aid in their gradual development. The people living in these communities are poor, and they experience a much lower standard of living compared to those who live in developed regions, moreover most have never had formal education. Formal and informal education programmes were then integrated by the government to suit the needs of the communities. After obtaining education, many of the hill tribes’ people were able to find employment in the cities; this would mean an increase in household income, standard of living, and a contribution to the country’s economy. There are of course limitations to the strategy. Hill tribes are small communities, and their geographical location and isolation makes it difficult to locate them and to render the assistance needed. Singapore is a developed country, its government has made a policy that every citizen needs to have at least ten years...
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