Euthanasia: Question and Witness Mercy

Topics: Question, Euthanasia, Law Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: February 2, 2013
1.What do I want to discover?

What is the difference between passive and active euthanasia wherein both are still mercy killing and why it has been legalized in the Philippines and what are the factors did they considered in passing this law.

2.How do I plan on discovering it?

I plan on discovering it by reading articles about euthanasia, surfing the internet to look informative essays about mercy killing, and conduct an interview or survey and ask the opinions of others about it, particularly the Christian people and the Church.

3.Who am I going to talk to/observe/question/survey?

Conducting it to different type of people, either by their status in life and profession, as well as the people involved or had been witness mercy killing particularly doctors, nurse, family of the victim or patient.

4.How am I going to be able to gain access to these groups, individuals or other source?

By visiting them directly and asking them personally, visiting in hospitals or either the family involve in this case or conducting more research through the internet and other source of information.

5.What are my biases on this topic?

Maybe at first when I read an article about euthanasia and its definition, I’m highly disagreed and I am not in favor in it. Either if it is passive or active type of killing, it’s stills the same killing and against in God’s plan. But in behalf of this I’m looking and considering the other side or point of this case.

6.How can I make sure my biases are not reflected in research method?

I am considering more the opinions of others who are knowledgeable and had already experienced or had been involved in this issue rather than my own opinion, and considering also the both sides of the issue or story and both points of view.

7.What do I expect to discover?

In related to question no.1, I want to discover what is different between passive and active euthanasia and law of euthanasia, and discover different issues...
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