Eureka! Test

Topics: Intelligence quotient, Application software, Computer software Pages: 8 (1721 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Eureka! Test

A proposal presented to
the faculty of software technology
Datamex College of Saint Adeline
Pasig City

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirements in the subject
“Software Project”

Presented To:
Mr. Mark Bryan O. Mercado

Presented By:
Anna Bien Suriaga
Angela Soriano
Johnvie Tolentino

Date of Submission:
January 12 2011

Chapter I. Introduction

Intelligence quotient (I.Q.) A numerical quotient obtained by multiplying the mental age of a person and dividing the result by his chronological age.
Alfred Binet, who created the first IQ test in 1904 aimed to identify students who could benefit from extra help in school. His assumption was that lower IQ indicated the needs for more teaching not an inability to learn.

Until today, some experts or some books from history up to present cannot determine and no statement of the most intelligent individual exist, but here are some of person who are luckily gifted (William Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Kim ung yonga and our local version Dr. Jose P. Rizal and more).

Objective of the study

As a student of computer programming/beginners in the world of programming, our main objective is to create a very own successful software is a great success. One of the choice is to create a software that can determine the IQ levels of an individual. Although this software is not 100% reliable because of change of environment and the illness or capability of a person may affect.

There’s a lot of ways to measure the IQ of a person, such as giving phycological test, abstract and general information test is also “Eureka! Test” a software soon to be release in the market that will give assurance to help the progress and identify the users levels of IQ and a great way to less stress.

Significance of the study

Many people believe that high or low IQ levels are depends in the genes. That is not completely true, the effect of genes is not only the factor that determines the IQ levels. A lot of environment, behavior and other factor play an important role in determining these levels.

These software help to enhance person’s progress and tells the user if he is still need more learning. Here are some of the list 1. To be able to know people what’s behind the IQ
2. To be able people to understand the importance
3. To be able to enhance their progress
4. To be able to teach people on how they can use their IQ as their plus factor. 5. A person’s genes, environment his diet lifestyle, culture race and gender

Statement of the problem

Everything is not constant… by making a software, you have to upgrade its version many times depends on the needs of the user. “Eureka! Test” is the propose Title of the software.
Some questions insides this software will always be there, everytime the person use it. The questions will not be replace by another questions the tendency is the user will memorize the questions because of its cycle.

Some problems is on the user and his ability to use the software. All people unique from each other and that about to those people can’t read.

Scope and delimination

The IQ test can identify the needs of a person, also can enhance progress but not recommended for the most time.

The “Eureka! Test” cannot adopt to the disability of the user instead he will able to find another test for him.

1. To help them with their ability problem
2. To understand the classification of their IQ levels
3. To measure the ability to read and comprehend information 4. To enhance the user imaginary sense

Chapter II The Software Product

Description of the proposed product

As of now, the world has many ways on how to measure the IQ levels of the individual (logical test, abstract reasoning, memory test etc.) and now one of these is “Eureka! Test”
These software is a legitimate IQ test and the software is can be known as the friendly users that even a...
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