Eucation Is the Only Panacea for Eradication of Corruption

Topics: Poverty, Education, Africa Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: October 25, 2011

Education is the birth right of each and every citizen of our country. It is a powerful weapon which can do a lot of wonders. It is the magic wand with which a man or a woman can achieve anything that may seem impossible to others. Education teaches anything. It pens our eyes to see what an uneducated person may not be able to see. Education pulls us out of a darkened society full of greed and corruption. Education has played an major part in the development of a man or the country. But it is true, unfortunate and bitter fact that it has also created many holes of corruption in each and every aspect of our living.

Firstly, education brings success and together comes wealth and greed. Many people suffer due to corruption. Needful people are not able to get what they deserve. Poor people are getting poorer and poorer and the role reason for this is their illiteracy.

Secondly,it is a true fact that illetrate has always been seen down under. They are misused by the illetrate people on many ways. So we can use this powerfull tool of education is a positive way. Use it is a weapon to demolish the tall buildings of corruptionin our country in each field. We have to demolish them so that our country heads in correct direction.

If education can create loop holes it can also provide fillings to fill those holes created by us. That major step may be if we educate ourself properly and stand against the evils. Anna Hazare is a prefect example of what a man can do with his litrarcy. It can bring a revolution in future in which corruption will have to be thrown away like we throwed britishers away.
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