Ethnography Proposal

Topics: Want, Sociology, English-language films Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Amber “Bina” Cox
Holmes English 1302
March 13, 2012
WA 2: Project Proposal
In our class this semester, we are working on writing using ethnography. I have chosen to use a restaurant for my ethnography project. I want to show how the staff of a restaurant forms their own community with in their work place, which sometimes carries out into the general community. I think that I will be able to prove that not only do they form their own community but also they develop bond with each other that they do not share with “outsiders”.

As a staff member of Subway, I have found that we work together and communicate differently than those who are not part of our group. Even those who are no longer working there come by daily to socialize and visit. We tell each other secrets and have our own way of socializing.

The relationships of coworkers in a small business are much more interactive than that of a larger company. We have seven employees who work in our store, which means we will always work with some of the same people daily. We talk to each other not as friends or coworkers but as a family. Having fun times as well as arguing and wanting to kill each other. We see the good and bad in each other and find ways to help in times of need.

How is it that a group of complete strangers can go from not knowing a thing about the others to a family the next day? It is easy. They talk get to know one another and find common ground. By helping the others when they need it we form a bond that pulls us closer.

I would like to spend time at another restaurant as well and compare the community created by the staff of a larger business to that of a smaller group of people. I think in my research I will discover that a smaller group creates a stronger and more in depth community than that of a larger group because of the time they spend together. I hope to make an impression on my readers by providing them with knowledge previously unknown to them....
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