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What is ethnocentrism? Are ethnocentric values reflected in mass media? If so, provide examples. If not, why not? Ethnocentrism is when one places a culture, values, and views over that of another culture. This can be associated with American popular culture as the message with any popular trend tends to be a popularity contest. Quite often products are sold based off the insinuation that it is better than any other product out there. For instance, a popular recurring fad is the Michael Jordan shoe, Air Jordans. These shoes have been around for years and have earned its popularity through many communities. The shoe is so popular and exclusive that older shoes from the past are re-launched for those that were unable to get them on the original launch date. The message that is present within the advertisement is that wearing Air Jordans makes you ‘cooler’ than anyone else not wearing them. This can too be applied to any other name brand item such as cereal. General Mills has a message out there that you get more nutrients from their cereal over any brand. This may also be associated with religious and different ethnic groups when one believes that their religion is better than the other based off of their own values and beliefs. Being ethnocentric can definitely drive a wedge between relationships as it is a form of prejudice. One should practice being more receptive of other cultures and beliefs to help avoid conflict and form personal connections with individuals within another culture.
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