Ethnic Profiling Doesn't Fight Crime

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 6 (2333 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Profiling is a police behavior that enables the police officers to view certain traits as indicators of criminal behavior. Profiling is a law enforcement policy that is accepted in most of the countries. Profiling helps in crime prevention and it has replaced many traditional ways of preventing crimes in most countries. There are two ways in which a person can define racial profiling. First racial profiling is said to occur when a police officer stops, interrogates or arrests a person basing his investigation on his race or ethnicity. The police officer can also do search on specific people and the police officer assumes that other factors are also considered during his search or stop. Another way of looking at racial profiling is that racial profiling can occur when a police officer uses race or ethnicity only as part of other aspects to decide when to make a stop, to query someone or arrest. The aim of this paper is to determine if law enforcement agencies can use measures like racial profiling in law enforcement to help prevent crime and provide security to the citizens.

Racial profiling
Racial profiling involves the law enforcement using race as a factor that can help the police officers to stop people or question the people. It involves the creation of traits or behaviors that are only formed on race  and then the police officer uses this traits and behavior to determine if the person is guilty or not and if he is guilty the police officers arrest the person. This concept mostly involves searches and stops (Jennifer, 2003).For example in the airport racial profiling is used to search people according to their character and behavior. If the person has some behaviors

That are questionable then the police officers stops him and question him and carries out search. Racial profiling can be used in law enforcement to prevent crimes when applied from a genuine point. Like in United States race profiling is not prohibited. This is because according to the fourth amendment of United States constitution it states that investigatory stops are not illegal as long as the facts and conditions why the police officer has made the stop lead to a logical suspicion that the person under this stop has committed a crime (Jennifer, 2003) Police officers can stop a driver if they suspect that he has committed a crime. For example in United States verses Arvizu the Supreme Court has decided that racial profiling can be used as long as it is used in the right manner(Jennifer, 2003) If the police officer suspects somebody to be a criminal he is allowed to stop him and search him. This idea has been supported by several cases. That is the United States verses sokolow and United States verses Cortez. There are two kinds of criminal profiling (Gaines,&Miller,2008).The first kind of criminal profiling is mainly done to identify a person who has been involved in criminal activities while the second kind of criminal profiling is done to find a person suspected to have carried a certain crime immediately after the crime has happened. It is good to use racial profiling in law enforcement as long as the police officer does not use racial biasness but the police officer can incorporate race and ethnicity in his investigation as long as the situation in which he is using the terms is clear and relevant.

Racial profiling is important in providing security in a country because it helps fight crimes, drug smuggling and terrorism (Gaines, &Miller, 2008).Drug smugglers use the borders of a country to smuggle drugs into the country. This has forced the security officers in the country to define laws to curtail drug smuggling and also to institute boundary patrol (Hess, &Orthmann, 2008).This will help; the police officers in identifying the people involved in drug smuggling. Like in Arizona the number of drug smugglers has increased so much as people use this route to bring drugs into the country. This has led to high...
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