Ethiopian Wedding

Topics: Marriage, Ethiopia, Wedding Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: December 21, 2011
Ethiopian weddings follow both traditional and modern rituals. Traditional marriage customs vary by ethnic group; Arranged marriages are the norm, although this practice is becoming much less common, especially in urban areas. Among traditional marriage customs let us see the oromo and amhara ceremonies. Oromo people make preparations for the wedding for a month before the occasion. On the couple's wedding day, relatives and guests will assemble at the bride's and groom's houses. The groom dresses for the wedding and is blessed by his relatives. He then picks up the bride from her house. The bride and groom meet at the entrance of her house amongst beating drums.Then when we see the amhara ceremonies the bride and groom's families are responsible for arranging marriages. A civil ceremony solidifies the contract and a priest may or may not be present. An oral contract or "temporary marriage" is made before witnesses. The woman will be paid housekeeper's wages during the marriage. While the wife is not eligible for inheritance, the couple's children are. While divorce is allowed in Amhara marriages, it must be negotiated first. The presentation of a dowry from the male's family to the female's family is common. The amount is not fixed and varies with the wealth of the families. The dowry may include livestock, money, or other socially valued items. * The proposal usually involves elders, who travel from the groom's house to the parents of the bride to ask for the marriage. The elders are traditionally the individuals who decide when and where the ceremony takes place. So when we see the ceremonial foods both the bride's and groom's families prepare food and drink for the ceremony by brewing wine and beer and cooking food. Ethiopian wedding foods are spicy and largely made up of meats and vegetables. Beef, chicken and lamb are eaten along with Injera on special occasions. Traditionally, the beef was eaten raw; however modern Ethiopians prefer to...
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