Ethiopia: Suffering from Poverty and Hunger

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Research Proposal

Introduction/ Background Information:

Ethiopia has been suffering from poverty and hunger for many years. Most of

the people around the world are not aware of this massacre. Ethiopia is an agro-based country;

they have only agricultural labor to invest on. The drought in Ethiopia has caused a huge impact

in the economy. There are currently over 500,000 acutely malnourished children in Ethiopia.

They have been getting foreign aid but reports in the conversations with many starvation

victims confirm that the situation is still not improved. By increasing foreign aid, the foreign

country can get certain benefits, they can assure military assistance, gain land to search for oil,

and create an alliance. Our research study will bring awareness about the terrible situation in

Ethiopia to the whole world. When this research study is successful, our prediction is that

people all over the world will help and protest for more foreign aids. Ethiopia will receive

enough aid to invest on a permanent solution to poverty and many lives will be saved from

starvation and malnutrition. The funding company which funds this research study will be

greatly benefited because it will be appreciated and credited on all our research studies. The

funding agency will be thanked by the people all over the world and it will be known by the

whole world. We have high expectation that this study will be a success because similar work

has been very successful in the past years. Invisible Children Kony 2012, a video published by

Jason Russell which brings awareness to the world about the Ugandan criminal, was very

successful. They have captured the attention of the people around the whole world. The video

has gotten over 84 million views in just two weeks.

Proposed Work:

The intent of the proposed study is to learn about the suffering victims in Ethiopia. In

this research study, interviews will be the primary research approach. It is anticipated that

the victims will talk about their stories and variety of topics throughout the interview. It is

anticipated that over 30 interviews will be conducted within a year. All interviews will be

videotaped with the interviewee’s permission. The expected interview length is about an hour

long. I will write field notes while observing, giving interviews and listening to the interviews

from the tape after. I expect to obtain more information and data from the organizations that

are already there to help the victims, papers, officials of the government of Ethiopia and any

other subjects that relates with my research study. All the interviews and data will be saved and

organized on computer software. Some Interviews will be edited and published in the internet

where everyone in the world should have access to. We will also be advertising it in the internet

and in major cities of United States. I will create a webpage where we have our statistics and

data. People all over the world are expected to be interacting with each other in our webpage,

which creates awareness. I will interact with people on social networking websites such as

Twitter, Facebook and email.


I will need the following materials, equipment and personnel for a comfort success. I

will need stationary material for recording, cameras, computers, microphones, sound systems

and computer software for video editing and file storage. I will hire about 10 qualified interns

and employees for different tasks. Out of all the employees, some will be interviewers and

journalists who will assist me with interviews and conduct their own interviews in different

rural part of Ethiopia. Some of the employees will be in control of editing videos and uploading

it on Internet webpage, manage the webpage and social networking sites such as Facebook

and twitter. The webpage would have the options for people to make donations...
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