Ethics in Corrections

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  • Published : May 24, 2005
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Ethics in Corrections

The Colorado Department of Corrections has very explicated rules on not having personal relationships with inmates. They can be found on the internet at Colorado Department of Corrections web site They can also be found at the Colorado Corrections Department of Personnel 4CCR801 Personnel Board Rules and Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures Chapter 6 R-6-9, States the Department of Corrections prohibits correctional officers from having sexual relation with inmates. This is even taught at the department of corrections training academy. The one thing the department of corrections did not teach the female correctional officer is some of the male inmates are (Real Studs). Some of these men have been working out with weights for years. They will build their bodies with huge mussels, and are very good looking men. These men have also learned to be very good con men. They could sweet talk most women out of anything. There was a new correctional officer Janelle Jackson, (not her real name), Janelle is a very pretty woman. Janelle was taught the code of conduct for a correctional officer, and knew them well. These regulations can even be found on the internet, and was taught at the training academy. Janelle fell for a supper smooth talking, mussel bound inmate stud. Janelle had a sexual relationship with an inmate. This became known from an investigation started by Jimmy Jones (not his real name), Correctional Officer 11 (Sergeant), and Colorado Department of Corrections. Jones worked in the segregation unit, and had to read all in coming mail. One letter had some wording that Jones had heard spoken by some one he know before. After thinking for many

days about who he had heard say these words, it came to light, that he had heard them from Janelle Jackson. Janelle was sending...
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