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role of emotions in the pursuit of knowledge?
To what extent does emotions help or hinder our acquisition of knowledge? What impact does emotion have on our gathering of knowledge and on the knowledge we gather?

Key Terms to be Defined and Discussed
The key idea of the question is to examine what role emotions play in the pursuit of knowledge. •Emotions as an obstacle to knowledge
•Emotions as a source of knowledge
•You can also examine the role of intuition in the pursuit of knowledge

Note: Remember that the question is clearing asking you "can we know WHEN to trust our emotions in the pursuit of knowledge?

Possible Examples
History: To what extent a historian can view the evidence objectively •Can the role of emotions distort the analysis of primary and secondary sources •The role of the historian and the problems of bias (are they influenced by upbringing (experiences) and backgrounds (culture/nationality etc). •Historian R.G.Collingwood's idea of the importance of empathy in trying to understand a situation. •Historian Eric Hobswan (who recently passed away on the 01st October 2012) was one of Britain's most eminent historians and a Marxist historian: examine what influenced his viewpoint.

Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Human Sciences: Can a scientist avoid becoming emotionally involved? How important is intuition in maths? •The role of subject specific intuition in the development of mathematical and natural science theories. •Examine how emotions might motivate Mathematical and Scientific Research. The French Biologist Charles Nicolle (1866-1936) stated that "without ambition and without vanity no one would enter a profession so contrary to our natural appetites" (van de Lagemaat, 2005 p. 242). Some scientist are concerned as the next person with their social status and public recognition, the astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) was so anxious to get the Nobel Prize that he even employed a public relations expert to him...
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