Ethics 125 Formal Communication

Topics: Management, Grammar, Professional Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Formal Communication
As I consider myself to be highly organized, detailed, and somewhat of a perfectionist, I would complete an accounting report to send to my peers in a familiar fashion as I would if I were sending it to my manager or the owner of a business. However, I understand that there are certain levels of professionalism or formality that is required based upon the intended recipient(s) of my business communication. Something sent to my peers and coworkers doesn’t have to be perfect, whereas something sent to a client would need to be as professional as possible. I would ensure that all grammar, punctuation, verbiage, and mathematical data were correct and precise. I take pride in the efficiency of my work and I would rather overdo it than have any mistakes. The only difference, I suppose, would be the length and the amount of details to include within my report in accordance with the intended audience. The method of delivery might be a bit different as well, dependent upon my client’s preferred method of communication or how quickly he needed the report. I’d most likely send the report via email to my peers and my manager, whereas, if time allowed, I would send a paper copy (professionally dressed in a binder and printed on our company letterhead) to my client. Something going to my peers would not necessarily have to be lengthy and detailed, unless I were asking for help in auditing or for quality control purposes. Something to my manager would be more detailed than something I’d send to my peers, and I’d probably proofread and triple check for errors before sending it to him. Even though I try to be as efficient as possible in all of the work I do, I would be sure that documentation and communication I sent to my manager was perfect (or nearly so) because, ultimately, my job depends on it. Moreover, a report I’d send to my client would be as formal as possible, and as detailed as he/she required it to be. Sometimes business owners don’t...
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