Ethics Statement

Topics: Virtue, Morality, Philosophy Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: September 29, 2012
To become a strong individual and succeed in society and organizations, we must follow or develop a set of ethics and adhere to them. As I completed the Baird Decision Model the result was that I have no preferred lens. This may be a positive or negative. The positive aspect into having no preferred lens is you have the maturity and tools to use a combination of all four lenses to resolve ethical issues. On the negative side if one has no preferred lens it could be due to undeveloped ethical skills or compensation to accommodate everyone. This reflection paper is aimed towards describing my core and classical values, the conflicting issues with my preferred lens and finally my personal ethical statement.

The core values suggested for myself from the Baird Decision Model are: Autonomy, Equality, Rationality and Sensibility (Ethics Game, 2012). In my opinion these set of values stem primarily from my family. It is the old saying of “treating others how you want to be treated” that was ingrained into me by my family and shows my equality and sensibility. The other two core values autonomy and rationality show that I have a leaning towards the deontological believe, which was developed from Kant. I agree with the core values the Baird Decision Model has generated for me as during my daily activities at work or private conflicts I am always assessing situations individually and attempt to provide the result with the most level-headed outcome. To accompany my core values I also have a set of classical value which are: Temperance, Prudence, Justice and Fortitude (Ethics Game, 2012). I also agree with these choices and can relate as in various situations I am able to demonstrate astuteness towards conflicts and use the self-interest of all evolved to resolve the issue. When issues cannot be resolved in a acceptable manner, this is where my skills of restraint from temperance and steadiness from prudence thrive and enable me to access the situation...
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