Ethical Theory on Cyberslacking Affect on It Industry

Topics: Civil and political rights, Rights, Ethics Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Rights-based ethical theory (Social contract)
On Cyberslacking affect on IT industry

Cyberslacking a term used to describe employees who surf the net for their personal use such as writing e-mail or indulging in other internet-related activities at work that are not related to their jobs. These activities are performed during periods of time when they are being paid by their employer. The individual who perform such work is known as Cyberslacker while the whole act is called Cyberslacking. In contrast Robert Nozick (1974) state that “Rights-based ethical theory assumes that individuals have certain entitlements that should be respected such as freedom of speech, the right of privacy, and due process”. It describes about developing a moral system that identifies the right of others and behaves accordingly to that rights.

As high speed internet is basic requirements for the IT industry for their development, some employee may be misusing the facility for their personal purpose stating that they are doing multitasking. Workers in company spending time on internet for the personal use sending emails, surfing internet, shopping online are the common issue faced by today’s IT industry . As e-mail and high-speed Internet access have become standard-issue office equipment, uncontrolled abuse of computers in the workplace is affecting the productivity. For company, Cyberslacking is becoming a distributive and a complex problem in the IT industry. Different type of employee can prosecute in Cyberslacking, it is usually shows that employees in lower positions in the organisation with access of internet and their higher status colleagues, such as manager, are the main offenders. I strongly believe that most of the company get strongly affected by Cyberslacking. The time employees misuse the resources, but for which they are paid, as well as the company paying the internet charges and electricity bills and equipment are properly considered objects...
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