The Need for Ethical Hackers

Topics: Black hat, White hat, Grey hat Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Ethical Hacking

Today’s society is solely based and dependent on computer based systems. With the advent of computer technology, we have acquired many good things like online banking, online commerce, emails etc. Along with the advancements in technology comes the relentless pursuit to prevent criminal hacking. Criminal hacking affects big business as well as the individual. The modern ethical hacker is a person who attempts to penetrate a secured computer system in effort to learn how to further protect or repair weaknesses in a company’s already secure system. “According to the Sixth Annual Enterprise IT Security Survey released Monday, 67% of large companies with 5,000 or more employees reported one successful intrusion or more this year, as opposed to 41% in 2009.” (Messmer) Hacking is to deliberately acquire data without permission from another’s computer, computer system or network. Not every hacker has a malicious intent; this is where the ethical hacker comes into view. The hacker seems to come from every age group and all walks of life. They are no longer just the computer geek type. In my opinion, there are more malignant hackers than ethical hackers in today’s society. The maliciousness of hacking is going to become worse in future generations. The main issue is with mass production and production schedules. Everyone wants to be the first to have their new super high tech software hit the newsstands. With this come the many vulnerabilities that a speedy or badly written software produces. (Zetter and Gowan) This definitely creates some serious software security issues businesses and the individual consumer. Our government provides strict penalties for the virulent hacker; however, this does not satiate the need to break into a computer system and steal personal information, vandalize web pages or perform DOA’s (denial of service attacks). The reality is that the hacker can steal your password or account numbers from your personal computer or they...
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