Ethical Organizational Profile

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Ethical Organization Profile
October 11, 2011
University of Phoenix

The economy today is as depressing as the time of the Great Depression with no light at the end of the tunnel for many consumers. The United States fell into a recession several years ago and is threatening to fall into a second recession. The sad part is many consumers believe that they were never out of the original recession. Many people are to blame for the economic downfall of the United States however pointing the finger will not help the current status of the economy. With unemployment on the rise, future health care declining, social security is threatened, and outsourcing of jobs climbing to an all-time high, one may say it is dooms day for the way of life that was once known and loved in the United States. So with no quick fix in sight many Americans have decided to take matters into their own hands in hopes of stimulating the economy. One particular idea was to create one stop shop supercenters with affordable products priced fairly with the struggling consumers in mind. Four college students attending the University of Phoenix seeking a bachelor’s of science degree with a focus on business management took this idea by horns and ran with it. These four young inspired students were challenged by their professor John Smith, created a new one stop shop called the Superstore. The store is established and the base of operation is in Charlotte North Carolina. After much planning and prospecting the Superstore was erected, and the doors were open for business. The store boasted a large bright atmosphere with a calming demeanor. Unlike much of the competition that appeared dark, dreary, unorganized, and cheap with a warehouse like demeanor. The Super Store provided grocery, health and beauty care, clothing, shoes, fashion, automotive, home décor, pharmacy, electronics, fast food restaurants, vision care, furniture, gas stations, and more than 20 other departments. Basically if he or she needs something he or she would probably find it in the Superstore, and if not there would be a kiosk. The individual at the kiosk would be happy to assist with the needs and locate whatever the person is seeking at an affordable price. The founders of the Superstore also knew that a strong online presence would be necessary to compete in today’s market. So no corners were cut when it came to web presence. The Superstore provides positive solutions to everyday problems. For example, prescription costs can be something that many struggle with. The Superstore has developed programs to deal with just that. Our customers can now get select free antibiotics and prenatal vitamins with the prescription program. Today consumers need to save time and money! This is yet another reason the Superstore was started. A convenient one-stop shopping experience, where consumers could find the largest selection at incredible values was one of the key factors to the success of the Superstore. Also because of the strong belief in client delight the Superstore is open 24 hours a day seven days week, holidays included, for the convenience of all consumers. The overall value statement for the Superstore came fairly easy to the founders as they knew and understood the value of customer service. So the dynamic team of four develops what is known to be a brilliant idea. The founders Silvia Navarro, Christine Clyburn, April Holley, and Wes Pryor polled thousands of people/consumers visiting other stores and asked the consumers what he or she believes a value statement including overall ethics, and socially responsible business practice would include. Adding a small incentive such as prizes, or gift cards really motivated consumers to participate. After careful consideration the dynamic four chose what, they thought to be the best value statement for them and the Superstore core values. The core values consisted of being Customer Centered, Competitive Spirit, Freshness,...
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