Ethical Perspectives

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Ethical Perspectives
Organizational Issues

Ethical Perspectives
It is evident that Wal-Mart’s ethical perspective or moral view is contingent on profit or profit potential. The global labor force of Wal-Mart enables this retail giant to continue to grow and succeed by providing lower operating costs. The legal ethics of this company are asserted globally and would withstand scrutiny in most cases. However, the virtue ethics of Wal-Mart are questionable about the well-being of their employees, specifically the hourly employees. Wal-Mart is targeted by its own labor force in the United States and in China as well. In the United States, Wal-Mart operates on the brink of ethics by using its legal stature to suppress worker wages and benefits. In China, Wal-Mart is facing legal repercussions from workers’ unions because of unfair labor practices. There have been examples of underpay, denying overtime, poor working conditions, and physical abuse in China. This big-box retailer boasts its low prices and drives its profits at the expense of its labor force but should focus more on integrating value with values. Profit Driven Ethical Perspective

Over the past decade, Wal-Mart has become the biggest retailer on the planet. Of all the Fortune Global 500 companies, Wal-Mart is the largest and most successful employer in the United States as it employs 1% of America’s workforce. In China, Wal-Mart has about 250 stores in 133 cities. It is the only customer for a network of contractors and subcontractors throughout southern China. In both the United States and in China the ethics of their business practices have been questioned. Wal-Mart Culture in the United States

Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart makes the statement” Wal-Mart asserts its dominance as a retailer in the United States by preventing its labor force from unionizing. “All along this company’s global supply chain we are seeing millions of workers in disparate work roles but who are...
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