Ethical Issues in Relation to Psychotherapy Clinical Practice

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  • Published: July 15, 2013
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Ethical Issues in Relation to Psychotherapy Clinical Practice Topic Analysis
Professional Practice Module: 588623

Tarsha Warin

Lecturers: Dr Antoinette McCallin & Peter Greener
Submitted: November 3rd 2005

I will begin this topic analysis by dividing the assignment up into four sections. The topic I am choosing to analyse is the complexity of ethical issues in relation to psychotherapy practice. Specifically these ethical issues will include the relationship, privacy and confidentiality issues, and a brief discussion of sexuality and economic cost efficiency. In section one I will include a brief outline of ethics and general ethical issues within a psychotherapy context. Section two considers health reforms and professional regulation legislation within New Zealand’s health sector. In section three I discuss the specific ethical issues as stated above within a psychotherapeutic setting and finally in section four I outline the impact of the Treaty of Waitangi on ethical practice in psychotherapy.

Section One
Ethical Issues within Psychotherapy
It is important to begin this assignment by briefly defining the term “ethics.” The Oxford Dictionary (1999) describes ethics as a, “moral principle and a moral philosophy” (p.176). This gives a simple description that gives us a basic framework to begin to work from, however, it does not clarify the issues of complexity involved when dealing with ethical issues in professional practice or in general. Some of these ethical issues include, economic scarcity, delivery systems, different patient care, increasing information, advances in medical technology and changing interprofessional roles (Reigle & Boyle, 2000).

From my perspective ethics means a body of principles that we reflect on and act on both individually and corporately within a social setting. Ethics is the foundation for decision making, guidelines for professional practice and an expression of values individually...
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