Initial Induction Hypnotherapy

Topics: Ethics, Therapy, Active listening Pages: 6 (2154 words) Published: March 16, 2012
“Why is the Initial Consultation so important” What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time? During this essay I will be discussing ethics and what ethical issues the therapist faces Relating to the initial consultation, what an initial consultation is and why it is important. What the process is, what happens at the initial consultation and how the therapist will gather and, what benefits and what contra indications there are for having an initial consultation. The word “Ethics” according to a thesaurus means a moral- code, values, and principles and beliefs. So what is meant by the words” Ethical therapist”? An ethical therapist works within the Code of Ethics which was developed from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Code of Ethics April 2002 or in other words amoral code of principles and values

The Code of Ethics covers for example:
1. Providing a good standard of care
2. Gaining and keeping trust
3. Attend regular supervision
4. Maintain good practice
5. Providing good information
6. Conflicts of interest
7. Care of self
The above is a very brief example of what the Code of Ethics covers and is an integral part of the therapists working practice. There could be a conflict of interest if you know each other either as a friend, neighbour, work colleague or a relative. Working with people you know is best avoided. This is because the client/therapist relationship would rarely be neutral and though may have either have a beneficial or detrimental impact which one it would be would be very difficult to foresee. So having a duel relationship with the client should be avoided as it may be detrimental to them and would breach the Code of Ethics.

So why should there be an initial consultation? The initial consultation will be first time the client and therapist meet and first impressions are important to the client and will count. The therapist will have assumptions made about them and these will come from the way the client is greeted, the therapist’s pattern and manner of speech and their body language and these assumptions are made in the first few

seconds of meeting. These assumptions are pivotal to building a rapport between them both. The therapist will be able to assess not only the suitability of the client for therapy but whether they will be able to work with them. The client will also be able to find out if they can work with the therapist.

The therapist can set out the contract for the therapy, as it is important for both the clients and the therapists well being and this would for example cover Confidentiality- all that happens in the therapy sessions are confidential except something the client says that they have done something and it breaks the law or wants to harm themselves then the therapist will seek the advice of their supervisor Time keeping- If the client is persistently late or cancels what the cost would be Cost & number of sessions- what the cost of each would be, how the fee is to be paid and the number of sessions that will initially be needed

Qualifications- what the therapist’s qualifications are
Initial Consultation form – Important that information is gathered Note/Record keeping- what happens to this information-how is it kept-client has copies if requested.
It is very important for the therapist at this initial consultation to gather as much Information about the client as possible. Why? Because it will enable the therapist to assess the clients modality-are they visual, auditory or Kinaesthetic. It is a chance to assess their personality to see what script to use –permissive, authoritarian, or a mixture of the two or maybe flamboyant. also This is important as if the wrong ones are used it can affect the therapy and the therapist /client relationship.

Is this initial consultation free of charge or does the client pay. This is up to the individual therapist and some...
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