Ethical Issues in Molecular and Behavioral Genetic Research

Topics: Genetics, DNA, Nature versus nurture Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Ethical Issues in Molecular and Behavioral Genetic Research

Unit 2 Assignment 1

Visualizing Psychology
PY 3150
Roxanne Foster
By: Kimberly Relford
October 9, 1968 Paula Bernstein and Elyse Shein were born in New York but they were put up for adoption by their birth mother. The adoption agency let two different families adopt the girls therefore separating them as part of a twin study of nature vs. nurture. When Elyse was 35 and living in Paris, France she began searching for her biological mother and called the adoption agency in New York. The agency called Paula to let her know that she was a twin and the other half was searching for her. The women were united at age 35 In those days the idea of separating siblings for scientific research was unethical but not illegal. In 1985 that changed in the state of New York to separate children at birth. In the case of Paula and Elyse both became film critics without even knowing one another and they both love the movie The Wings of Delight which is a German film and not popular in the United States. Is this a bizarre coincidence from nature or all part of the plan from nurture?

Scientists who study behavior would also show interests in the two women who were separated at birth. They have the same job and have the same love for a movie though not influence by one another. These attractions for films were developed before they met one another. Do they share a gene that makes them behave like the other? Since they are identical twin they probably do share the same gene because they are identical twins meaning they share the same embryotic sack and then DNA strands will match. The real question remains, does gene affect our behavior?

That is the point that behavioral studies are trying to prove. People are genetically tested for biological and psychological reasons every day. In order to conduct these studies there are several rules one must follow. Genetic testing and results must be...
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