Ethical Issues in Banking Intranets

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Security of Organizational Intranets in the Banking Section
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* Introduction
* Ethical Issues
* Restricted access of information for employees in the organization’s intranet (From employee’s point of view, they may lose the faith in the organization, untrustworthy etc.) (From organization’s point of view, it is important to hide information such as personal sensitive information; confidential information due to some employees may gain advantages using such information) * Hacking into an intranet letting the management know about the lack of security of the organizations intranet. (Can apply the deontological and consequential theories)

* Monitoring of employee activities in the intranet

* Social Issues
* Unauthorized access to personal information of customers and employees, confidential information may lead to activities such as blackmailing, random demands, kidnappings etc. * Employees accessing confidential information may arise issues related to whistle blowing (it may be good and bad) (Dual-used dilemma) * Accessing financial information in the banking sector may lead to national security issues. * Confidential information can be used to competitive advantage over other organizations

* Legal Issues
* Different laws such as data protection act and computer misuse act can be explained (Because it involves personal and sensitive information of both employees and customers) * Invasion of privacy of employees in the workplace

* Professional Issues
* Accessing social networks and other malicious sites (waste of organizational resources and it may lead to security vulnerabilities) Good and bad * Accessibility of the intranet to people with disabilities * BCS code of conduct

(Avoid conflict of interest, do not disclose confidential information, avoid negligent action or inaction etc)

* Conclusion
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