Ethical Decision Making Reflection

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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BUS 204-OL
Reflection on personal approach to ethical decision making in the workplace June 1, 2010
My personal approach to ethical decision making in the workplace has been fairly easy thus far. Being a stay at home mom for much of my early days and working for the same organization the last fifteen years has not provided a multitude of different environments in which I can compare one to the other. I can say through the years, however, I have seen the sensitivity increased around the subject in general. Perhaps the legality and threats these decisions can create are more recognized and prevalent today thus causing a greater sense of awareness. Through job preservation, business competition, increased revenues, etc., I believe people are second guessing their initial motive because of their various circumstances. Whatever the case may be, my personal approach would be “Try to do what is right… no ifs, ands, or buts!”

Of course this is easier said than done for some who may not have the core values and morals that I have, but who’s to say what I have is even enough. My philosophy is peace, love and no war in the world and we will all live in a better place. Unfortunately, my experience with my co-workers is they don’t always see things as I do. For whatever reason, my brain as well as my heart, all too often present an optimistic, single sided view that others find hard to envision. Is it my faith, or my beliefs that guide me differently, from those I work with and work for? Doesn’t everyone know right from wrong, I ask myself? Or, are the consequences the underlying factor?

I guess from the business perspective, the consequences may not be as crucial in the decision making for some as they are for me. Ethics in the workplace should be no different than ethics in my personal life. I can see, however, and feel at times, especially more recently, how the consequences and possible outcomes might influence a decision I have to make at work. If I...
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