Describe How Professional Values and Ethics May Affect Career Success.

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Describe how professional values and ethics may affect career success.

The average workplace whether in an office space or a hospital setting is a cultural and diverse place. People from all walks of life come together. Everyone has different experiences, philosophies religions and education. In the workplace one must use “moral intelligence”, the capacity to understand what is right from wrong. (Kiel, 2005).

The aging question is how; with all this variety in society can people maintain a standard and work together. What is right and good for one may be ethically unclear for another. All companies work off a clear guideline, a code of conduct, policies and procedures. These statues are for the benefit of all. It is used to know where an individual’s boundaries are within the company and at what place they have stepped over them.

Consequences for unethical behavior vary because unethical behavior can be doing something wrong by the standards of the business, like making personal calls at work, taking home paper, duplicating programs for home use. They also can be illegal, like stealing from co-workers or the business, falsifying documents,

An authority figure has to overlook the “grey area” and put their morals into question as well. If what went on is not illegal, then the authority figure would have to either take action to an offense that they caught by the employee or just turn away as if they never seen it happen.

Another ethical concern that comes into play is favoritism, because the authority figure might just ethically let a typical employee, let’s say knowingly make a personal call, but yet cohort to that employee might do the same and the authority figure takes action in disciplining that person. “Ego gratifications often get in the way of effective career planning” (Lewis, 1997) in this statement Lewis explains that people are more self-conscious on how they are portrayed, rather then what their intentions might be. Nobody...
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