Ethical Behavior at the Workplace

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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7. A perceived lack of integrity caused irreparable damage to both Andersen and Enron. How can you apply the principles learned in this case personally? Generate an example of how involvement in unethical or illegal activities, or even the appearance of such involvement, might adversely affect your career. What are the possible consequences when others question your integrity? What can you do to preserve your reputation throughout your career?

A perceived, or even likely more detrimental to one’s career, a proven lack of integrity, can cause damage to a career in many ways. Integrity is an important foundation in client and employee/employer relationships. Integrity equates to placing trust in an individual that he or she will conduct themselves with ethical and moral standards. Studying the damage caused to Andersen and Enron is a good example to conduct oneself with a high standard and not engage in activities at our outside of work which would cause someone to question your integrity as well as the trust relationship.

An example of involvement in unethical or illegal activities, or the appearance of involvement which may adversely affect your career, would be participation in gambling. While this activity is legal in some states and venues, this activity could be extrapolated to one’s personality which could go against the moral of integrity of clients or supervisors.

Since this is a perceived negative activity, a client or employer might wonder what risks of integrity or moral standards the individual applies in work activities. When this happens, clients or supervisors may lose trust in you and decide to work with someone else or you may be overlooked for promotion or have other negative consequences.

To preserve your reputation throughout your career, one should always conduct themselves with high ethical and moral standards to maintain their integrity. This would include judgment and decisions made at work as well as activities engaged in...
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