Et Nox Facta Est

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Et Nox Facta Est
Within the writings of the author Victor Hugo, I see a theme of what I would compare to a tragedy. There is such heavy emotion put into this work. Throughout the work of Est Nox Facta Est, there are many themes of darkness, and struggle within the life of whom this is written about, wether it is fiction or based off of a real life event. The poem has heavy ties to that of the subject of religion, and that of almost a dark and gothic theme. This poem to me seems to be a poem explaining a struggle, of the main character, where his heavy thoughts are expressed through religious conflicts, dark imagery. Throughout the work there is a lot of imagery that brings to my attention what I believe to be the intent of the poem. I believe that this poem is that of an angel, trying to break free from the grasps of satan to fulfill his angelic duties, and face full on his struggle.

“Never had he yet managed to grasp a peak, Nor lift even once his towering forehead. He sank deeper in the dark and the mist” (Hugo) This quote from the poem says to me in a way that the writing is that of a struggle. The words “never had he yet managed to grasp a peak” show me that the main character is in a constant struggle with something. He is in a battle where he has yet to gain ground and hold himself up on his journey. This being only in the beginning of the work, I have not yet found what he is struggling for. Moving on further into the poem, it speaks of “his feathered wing” behind him. This use of the imagery of a wing on the main character has lead me to believe that the main character is an angel, and the struggle that he is facing is that he is trying to stray away from satan, and having a very difficult time in trying to complete this difficult task.

“The abyss was fading. Nothing kept its shape. Darkness seemed to swell its giant wave.” This quote uses heavy imagery within it to show how at this point the main character is almost at the climax of the journey....
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