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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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The Chinese festivals have helped to bring together different Chinese people from different regions. In some celebrations, the main point has been to help young men and women find their mates and, thus, the festivals involve dances, which help to bring together the young men and young women. Many of the Chinese people met their mates through these festivals and ended up getting married and enjoying a happy marriage. This simply means that the celebrations and festivals have a very positive effect on the Chinese people. The social frame works of the Chinese festivals also involve the foreground of the social media from China, Hong Kong and the world at large. This is because some of the festivals attract social media houses from China, Hong Kong and all over the globe. The conceptual work of the religious and the other festivals in China have helped to fuel social attributes in China and the whole world as well. This has led to some parts of the world borrowing the Chinese cultures from the festivals and ceremonies to write books; create themes for movies and direct movies from the Chinese culture and festivals. The Chinese festivals have become recognized festivals all over the world. Many visitors visit Hong Kong at the peak seasons for the celebrations in order to see and view the enchanting and exciting ways, in which the Chinese people celebrate their festivals. The ceremonies and festivals in Hong Kong have helped to break the ice from ethnicity. This is because the Chinese people become one during the festivals and, therefore, there is no room for ethnicity. Thus, the cerebrations and the festivals help to bring the people together, thus, ending the difference that might have been held by different regions.

The festivals and celebrations have also helped to largely bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong. This is because during the festivals the rich mix with the poor and there is no way to differentiate the two. During the festivals...
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