Chinese New Year

Topics: Chinese New Year, Han Chinese, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Do you celebrate Chinese New Year with your family and friends? Well in “Begin with a Bang” by Jasper Connor and “The Night Of Lights,” by Brenda Comper, both discuss Chinese celebrations. Did you know that each tradition the Chinese people must perform has its own symbolic meaning? Chinese New Year is very different from other New Year celebrations. It has its own significance celebration and traditions.

For example, in “Begin With A Bang” by Jasper Conner he talks about what Chinese people do in order to celebrate the new year. He explains to us that most of the time Chinese people clean their house very roughly to symbolize that they will clean out the old year and it will be replaced by the upcoming one. He also tells us why they love to shoot fire works and why it is very important. This is because it will scare away the evil spirits from the old year. Opening the window also symbolizes getting the old year out of their house. Finally, he explains to us that the parents have to refrain from punishing their kids or cursing at them and lending them money. In fact, they can’t even mention the word death. This all symbolizes their belief that whatever one does on the New Year Day will repeat all year.

In “The Night Of Lights,” by Brenda Comper she talks about many other ways to celebrate the Lantern Festival which is celebrated on the 15th night of the Lunar month. For example, eating round dumplings called Tangyhans symbolizes and represents the full moon and unity. She also tells us that during the Chinese New Year they try to solve riddles. This refreshes their memory about Chinese songs, stories, poetry, and Chinese history. Most importantly, on Chinese New Year they celebrate the Lantern Festival. It symbolizes the end of the new year and how it represents their family unity, reunion, and harmony. Also, putting images on the lanterns they make symbolizes the Chinese history.

In conclusion, we can see that the Chinese New Year is a very...
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