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After doing an in-depth research. studies and interviews of both companies, we have come up with a summarized comparison of different aspects of the firms. Both of the firms are equally successful even though at a different level of clients, projects and how they run their firm. They also differ in terms of business entities but equally the same as they are both limited liability protected.

The table below shows in detail of the comparison studies of both companies chosen. | AZAM HIAS SDN BHD| TOPCERA DISTRIBUTOR SDN BHD|
Vision & Mission| VisionTo be reputable one stop interior furnishing centre, committed to enhance our valued customers, environments and lifestyles.MissionTo become a successful Bumibutera company, and provide Malaysians with their dream homes by fulfilling the client's needs with quality and workmanship and appealing designs to create a branding identity for the company itself.| Vision“ Leadership of Malaysia Tiles Industry”Our vision is to be the bridge of success for our business associates and customers by leading and providing the right products & services to satisfy the needs of the market with no compromise on quality standard.Mission“ Leadership of Malaysia Tiles Industry” Our vision is to be the bridge of success for our business associates and customers by leading and providing the right products & services to satisfy the needs of the market with no compromise on quality standard.|

Types of business entity| Limited partnershipLimited Liability Partnerships (are formed with general partners, but all general partners are shielded from liability for the acts of other partners or employees.)The LLP is similar to a limited liability company, but the LLP operates under partnership rules.| Limited liability companyA limited liability company operated like a partnership, but it has members instead of partners, and an operating agreement instead of a partnership agreement. The advantage to an LLC is that the liability of member is limited to their investment.| Types of services provided| - Interior Design Services- Interior Renovation- Decorative Wall Paneling- Built in Furniture- Customize Loose Furniture- Window Dressings- Wall Coverings- Soft & Hard Floorings- Decorative Ceilings- Mechanical & Electrical Works| - Interior Design Services- Interior Renovation- Customize Loose Furniture- Wall Coverings- Soft & Hard Floorings- Material- Sketch proposals- Consultancy| Ways of charging fees| 2 installments- 1st upon completion of design and presentation of quotation. 50%- Upon finishing of product assembling and ordering - 50%| 1st step: the whole step is between 15 to 30 %- Conceptual design- Design development- Detail construction drawing- Tender doc2- Upon construction - 10%3- 1st progress on construction - 10%4- 2nd progress on construction - 10%5- Upon completion - 5%| Projects| | |

| | |

Comparison of Organization Structure
Azam Hias (KL) Sdn Bhd

Topcera Distributor Sdn Bhd


When did you start your company? Can you give us a small history behind opening it?

The founding father, the late Haji Zainol Rashid established Azam Hias in 1977. Formerly, known as Syarikat Azam Hias, it started its operation specializing in carpet rugs. Assisted by his sons, Haji Zainol Rashid make his mark from a humble beginning in a shopping complex known as Pekan Rabu. The late Haji Zainol Rashid's visionary acumen propelled Azam Hias expansion to greater heights by moving the business entity to a new and bigger building which now houses the management and operations of Azam Hias Alor Setar. Since then, Azam Hias has extended its product line to a full range of home and office furnishing and fittings.

What type of business is your company?

Limited partnership

Do you do any project managing?

No. Not in our company.

What category of clients...
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