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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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the word blame definetion is to make someone else responsible for an accident, a problem or a bad sitiation. Everyone in there life had blame someone else for something that they it is normal for a person to blame, but however its wrong blame, one should take resposibilities for their own actions. I found a poem, a song, a article, and a movie that shows the word blame being use in each one as their themes for the purpose of people blaming others for their own mistakes or blaming themselves for themselves.

In the poem "Why Blame" by Dr. John Celes it explains why we should be the ones to blame for the things that are happening to this world, like he said in the poem "Why blame the air and water,soil, for our ill-health, and lazy toil? if each one did his duties well". We also blame anything, like god for the problems that we face to our life, leaders for their mis-rule, and just blame other people because there are people that can't take resposibility of their own actions.

In the song and the movie that use blame as their tiltle but they used in a different way because in the song "Sorry, Blame It On Me" by Akon, he takes the blame for the actions that he made and he knows that all the things that he did in the past were bad, thats why he is taking the blame for everything, and in the movie "Blame", there are four people that are blaming a person of killing their friend and they take action to their own hands, without knowing if the person really do it.

And in the article that i found about a shark attack in South Africa, that people are blamming a Reality TV show called "Shark Men" because they said that they attracted sharks to the shore by using sardine to attract them to them so they could to film them, the accident didn't happen until three days later, they could't increase the shark activity in the area.

By using these examples of the poem, song, article, and the movie as the world "blame" being their theme I probed that whats...
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