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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Next Term, We’ll Mash you
Bullying is a major problem in today’s society. People can be bullied anywhere, by anything; at the job for being an outsider, on the street for being African or in the school for being dyslexic. There’s actually a quite conspicuous difference between the number of people who has been reported bullying others and reported victims of bullying. Statistics by National Bullying Survey show that 87 % have been bullied the past 12 months, but only 20 % have been reported bullying. The numbers depict the victim’s insecurity as well as show how many who really dare to report their bully.

In this text “Next Term, We’ll Mash You” 1987 by Penelope Lively we’re introduced to Charles Manders, who is going to experience his new school, ‘St Edward’s Preparatory School’ for the first time. The school is an exclusive boarding school for boys aged eight to thirteen years old. While Charles’ parents are busy talking to the headmaster, Charles is exploring the school. The children are asking a lot of questions, however, Charles stops listening for a while. Suddenly he overhears one of them saying “next term, we’ll mash you.” Charles Manders is a young boy, who is going to start at a new school. He’s not very excited about this “(…) a box of chocolates, unopened, beside him, and a comic, folded.” (p. 1 l. 2) he’s that uncomfortable that he won’t eat chocolate or read comics. He has a mother and a father who he doesn’t talk to a lot though. He has black hair, slicked down smooth to his head, big ears which jut out and his clothes has the shine and crease of newness, which give a picture of perfectionism and a wealthy family. He’s a quiet boy, who doesn’t open up to say his opinion of his parent’s solutions and actions. In the text he’s like an object, a way for his parents to enter as well as interact with the rich environment and people. He has nothing to say; actually he doesn’t speak once throughout the text. He knows that if he says something that...
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