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WAT/Note/Essay Basics                        

In the Essay/Note/Writing task, there is a separate weight for the writing style. Thus, please write in paragraph format. We have written the e-book primarily in point form only for remembrance and to make issues more clear for the reader. Do not write in point format in the essay. An essay should have the following three components – a) Introduction b) Body and c) Conclusion. We will give some pointers about each of these:




• The first component of the perfect essay is the introduction. • A strong, powerful introduction is needed in order to capture the reader’s attention. • You can also start with a famous quote linking it with the topic, if possible. • The second purpose of the introduction is to establish the argument that will follow in the essay. Lay down the basic argument in the introduction without getting into detail: For example: “The French Revolution led to the complete upheaval of European society in the social, political, and religious realms” may be mentioned in the introduction. It demonstrates that the writer intends to prove the argument in three specific areas. These three identified topics will then form the second part of the essay, the body.




• The body of an essay is where the main thrust and support for the argument and/or thesis will be found. • In the above example of the French Revolution, the second paragraph would offer support for the argument using examples from the social changes that took place in France. • Likewise, the second paragraph of the body would offer examples from the political situation in Europe. • The third body paragraph drawing on religious changes.

• While going from one paragraph to another, use a linking line that alludes to the argument in the next paragraph. There should not be a sudden sharp intellectual break between points of the argument. • Without transition, an essay would read more like an outline, bulleting points one after another. Write around 2/3 small paragraphs. Each paragraph should be around 5 lines each. Make small paragraphs for each argument you present and use connectors to link the paragraphs. CONCLUSION:

After the body of the essay has been written, a conclusion must be drawn. Do not end abruptly. A small concluding paragraph (1-2 sentences depending on space and time) must be there. A conclusion is your opportunity to shine stylistically, the work of the essay has been completed, the thesis proven with great mastery, and so the reader should be left satisfied.

Conclusions can be of various types and you should choose depending on the topic and your knowledge. Kind 1: Summarising Conclusion: It reiterate that you have proven the argument you intended to. This reminds the reader that there was a purpose to the entire essay, and you as the writer have proved the thesis. Kind 2: Suggestive Conclusion: Let us say you have analysed a particular problem/situation eg: Inflation, © 2009‐13   



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WAT/Note/Essay Basics                        
Communalism etc. In this you give suggestions to solve the problem or situation at hand. The suggestions should not be baseless and imaginary. Some realistic suggestions should be mentioned in brief. Kind 3: Scenario Reader: In this conclusion you read the scenario which is present and enumerate some emerging trends in the field and their impact. Eg: In an essay on Stock Market boom in India, in the conclusion you might like to say that, “Some new instruments have recently been launched by the NSE like derivatives on volatility, currency futures etc. which would help in deepening the market and provide more accurate hedging solutions for corporate and individuals.” Kind 4: Visionary Conclusion: Here you provide your vision for the future and how thing might be...
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