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Topics: Jesus, Crucifixion, Christianity Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: January 13, 2012
The poem is arranged as the narrator having a dream and in his dream he is communicating with the cross on which Jesus was crucified. The stanzas are split up into separate sections. Around section one, the storyteller has a vision of the cross (a sign). At first when the dreamer sees the cross, he summaries how it is covered with gems. The dreamer is also mindful of how vile he is compared to how magnificent the tree is. In spite of this, he occurs to him that among the beautiful stones it is tainted with blood.

 In section two, the Cross shares its account of Jesus’ death. The Crucifixion story is told from the perspective of the Cross. It begins with the enemy coming to cut the tree down and carrying it away. The tree learns that it is to be the bearer of a criminal, but instead the Christ comes to be crucified. The Lord and the Cross become one, and they stand together as victors, refusing to fall, taking on insurmountable pain for the sake of mankind. It is not just Christ, but the Cross as well that is pierced with nails. Adelhied L. J. Thieme remarks, "The cross itself is portrayed as his lord's retainer whose most outstanding characteristic is that of unwavering loyalty".[10] The Rood and Christ are one in the portrayal of the Passion—they are both pierced with nails, mocked and tortured. Then, just like with Christ, the Cross is resurrected, and adorned with gold and silver.[11] It is honored above all trees just as Jesus is honored above all men. The Cross then charges the visionary to share all that he has seen with others. In section three, the author gives his reflections about this vision. The vision ends, and the man is left with his thoughts. He gives praise to God for what he has seen and is filled with hope for eternal life and his desire to once again be near the glorious Cross.[12]

The Dream of the Rood is based upon Christian belief. The entire poem deals with the passion, death and resurrection of Christ...
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