Essay on Teenage Sleep Deprived

Topics: Sleep, Need, Sleep deprivation Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Blayne McGinnis
English III-2
27 September 2012
Early school affects teenagers
Teenagers around the world are deprived of sleep from having to arrive early to school. In my opinion, Teenagers shouldn’t have to come to school early because teenagers are under slept and miss breakfast in the morning; a necessary element of the day. Studies have shown, teens aren’t growing to their full potential because a lack of sleep at night. Most teens at this age aren’t mature enough to make themselves go to sleep early at night so that they can get a elated sleep and still make it to school on time. And in this era, with all the technology around teens, along with all of its distractions; it makes since why they have trouble going to sleep early. The schools could easily move the arrival time later in the morning. However, schools say if they shorten the days that they will receive less government funds and not be able to support all the luxuries there students demand and pay our staff. If the school needs money then they could simply extend the arrival time and extend the departure time still meeting the expected hours needed to receive all their money. It really makes me sad that the schools don’t have it in them to perform for the students when the students perform for them. Also, when you have to arrive early to school sometimes teens skip breakfast because they don’t want to be late. Everyone knows that to be successful your brain needs fuel, and if it doesn’t get the necessary food then it will be sluggish and perform poorly resulting in bad grades. So really, there is no point in skipping breakfast to attend school when you need breakfast to perform school work. If the schools really care about their students well being, then they would take the extra step to extend the arrival time and departure time so that teens can get more sleep and eat breakfast, but as well they can still receive the necessary funds. A very good solution so...
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