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What Makes a Good Teacher

Every person has their own opinion of what a good teacher is. For me, the best kind of teacher is someone who enjoys the subject they are teaching. They generally care for their students, and want to see them succeed in their class. At the begining of each school year I would always be excited to see who my teachers were going to be. I would hope for someone who would make the classroom a fun place to be but still teach me things at the same time. I needed a teacher who could explain things to me clearly, and help me out until I fully understood. A teacher who loves their job and trys to make learning fun is definitely the best kind of teacher. I found these qualities in teacher helped me learn more and made me actually want to come to school every morning.

Many of the teachers' I had in school were not always pleasant during class. This made me think that many of them did not like the class they were teaching and were not always happy to be there. When a teacher acts like this, it makes me think that they do not enjoy the subject they are teaching. When I was in eleventh grade I had a class called environmental studies. The women that teached this class was always happy to see us, her student's, everyday. She was always enthusiastic about her class and wanted us to care, as much as she did, about the environment. One day in class she had us pick an outdoor place that we loved to visit. For me this was a place where my family own a house, on a lake, in maine. Then she would explain to us what would happen to these places if we did not stop hurting the environment with pollution and such things. This, for me, really hit hard because I was devestated to think that one day this place would no longer exsist. This teacher always made me think hard about things I could do to help save the environment. Because of this teacher and how enthusiastic she was about her class, I recycle every week and want to...
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