Essay on Information Technology and the Impact on the Future Work Culture

Topics: Information technology, Information, Information systems Pages: 12 (4594 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Essay on Information Technology and the Impact on the Future Work Culture Introduction:
Advances in information technology will revolutionize human civilization. Never before has knowledge been so easily as instantly accessible as it is now. Information has the power to change culture customs and communities. Development of Thought:

No other technology in the last 300 years has had the kind of impact that information technology will have on the social, political and economic fabric of society. Information technology will change the way we think, act, educate, and associate. The Information revolution will have far-reaching implications on political ideologies and social thought- It will invade not only offices and homes but also farms and fields, health centers and hospitals and many other critical activities and areas of production, services and development. It will help cross social barriers and national boundaries and network people from every part of the world, irrespective on their nationalities. Conclusion:

The new vistas of knowledge opened up by the information revolution will have far-reaching impact. It will break down barriers, foster freedom and democratic values and help harness human talent for global peace and co-operation rather than war and confrontation. Information is essentially a starting point for knowledge. Knowledge is required for decision making and for taking initiative. It is only through initiative that one can take appropriate action to implement ideas, programmes and projects. It will provide new tools to deal with knowledge, and as a result, will have far- reaching implications on the future decision-making process. Information Technology has come as a force to move our cultures, customs and communities and advance human civilization. In the process, it will find new applications. Create new jobs and bring equality. It is generally believed that information technology is only for the rich and the affluent and is needed only in a modern work environment. However, information technology is equally useful in population control, health services, agriculture, water management, transport and other major infrastructures along with steel mills, business centers, and travel agencies. Developed nations of the West have emphasized and utilized information technology for automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and many other advanced applications. In developing nations, the same information technology can be equally used to provide basic human needs and improve standards of living- however; proper appreciation and application of this technology require a new information culture and a new orientation. The- need for information developed during what we may call the agricultural civilization. To enhance agricultural activities, it was necessary to share information and knowledge in society. With agriculture, various communities developed and their need for information developed further. Earlier, transfer and exchange of information were done orally. Then, with the print media, information knowledge achieved a broader reach. With the introduction of the electronics technology the concept of information storage, processing and transfer has changed drastically. Now it is possible to move information with the speed of light across the globe. In the early days, only selective pieces of information related to secret services and security were sold confidentially. Now, information has become a commodity and is available on the shelves of department stores, properly packaged and openly priced. Today, information regarding people, places, products, prices, plans, projects and programmes can be easily marketed through the electronic media. There are thousands of companies all over the world, with millions of people engaged in information processing and programming activities. In traditional systems, information is considered to be power and power is difficult to share. People normally hold on to information...
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