The Effect of Information Technology on the Media

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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The Effect Of Information Technology On The Media
Coleman University

In the modern age, increasing expansion of technology innovations is vastly influencing the society on a worldwide scale. Innovative technological changes are just a small fraction of current trends. Technology is bringing humanity together, in what can be called a global village. Khattak. W, Nasir. M. (2012), The Information Society or Information Age is a new phenomenon since 1950 which brings with it new challenges as we seek to integrate an expanding universe of print and multimedia sources into our daily lives. The two terms often are used to describe a cybernetic society in which there is a great dependence on the use of computers and data transmission linkages to generate and transmit information. Within the recent decade alone, there has been a phenomenal leap in communication technology. This includes both the incremental increase and the introduction of multimedia technologies, cable television, optic fibers, digital video decoding, graphics and many more new technologies. There is a definite revolution in the media industry; this includes the entertainment, music industry and the infotainment industry (news broadcasting). Within the field of Information communication technology alone, there has been immense improvement since the 1960’s. Today, new advanced network architectures have transformed the basic networking topology schemes. Yu-chang L. (2007), the emerging technology of next generation network (NGN) infrastructure enables the convergence of multi-access networks to deliver the multimedia contents and application services seamlessly. Therefore, the consumers, government, and industries can obtain the benefits because of technology development and industrial cooperation. The convergence of telecommunication and network broadcasting causes the need for innovation and improvement in network connectivity and the ability for facilities to operate...
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