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Essay Writing Technique

Remember the basic structure of your essays:

Introduction – Contextual knowledge and Thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs – PEA (Point – topic sentence, Evidence – precise supporting information, Analysis – explain how this evidence supports your point and answers the question.)

Conclusion – Clear Judgement that answers the question and supports your thesis statement.

Try to use some of these suggested phrases in your essays to improve the fluency and quality of your argument:

Introductions/Presenting a thesis statement:

Causation/Change Questions:

* There are a number of reasons why X occurred, the most important of of which is the fact that …… * X (e.g. abolition, the Civil War, rebellions) happened because of a range of factors, the most important of which was…. * The most significant reason X happened was because of ………….. * X took place in …… as the result of a combination of factors of which …..was the most important. * There are a range of factors that explain the change in X across this period, the most crucial of which is…..

Effect Questions:

* Though X had many effects, the most significant of these was ……. * The most significant impact of X was…..
* Though X had a number of short and long term consequences, the most notable one was ………

Debate/Judgement Questions:

* The purpose of this essay is to identify/examine/determine/give an account of/compare……. * X is an extremely important aspect of any discussion on …. (abolition, slavery etc.) * It seems likely that the viewpoint in the question is accurate because…… * It is fair to argue that ……………. because…….. * Though in some ways this viewpoint is accurate, it seems more likely that X is the case because…. * Though there is some truth in the suggestion that……….it seems more likely that on the whole

Examples relating to the question “Why did the Civil War break out in 1861?”:

A Civil War broke out in America in 1861 as the result of a combination of factors, of which the clash between the Northern and Southern states over whether to abolish slavery was the most important.

There are a number of reasons why the Civil War broke out in America in 1861 the most important of which is the fact that the Northern states wanted a strong central government that would take charge of the economy and help industry develop.

Example relating to the question “How accurate is the suggestion that the Thirteenth Amendment did little to improve the lives of Black people in America?”:

It is fair to argue that the Thirteenth Amendment did little to improve the lives of Black people in America because although it formally ended slavery, the discrimination and segregation imposed upon blacks following the war meant that many still had miserable lives.

Ways of phrasing topic sentences:

Causation/Change Questions:

* One factor that caused ……. is X
* One important cause of X is ……
* A further significant reason X happened is ………
* An notable factor in contributing to X is ……..
* Another reason that X occurred is…….
* It is true that ........ was responsible for causing X because * One main way in which X changed in this period was …..

Effect Questions:

* A further notable effect of X was….
* In addition, a second significant consequence of X was…. * Further to this, …………. was also an important result of X because……

Debate/Judgement Questions:

* One way in which the question can be considered accurate/inaccurate is…… * The fact that …………. supports the idea that …….. * The fact that …….. challenges the idea that…….. * A secondary factor to be taken into consideration is….. * The occurrence of ……… indicates that X is true


One important cause of the American Civil War was the disagreement between the North and the South over whether to make slavery illegal.

The fact that the Ku Klux Klan...
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