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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Nowadays with the rapid development of modern technology, a dramatic change has been appeared in our life. Recently, the issue of pollution has aroused public concern. Some people believe that we couldn’t indulge the environment gets worse and worse. But others hold that the development of economy is the primary goal. Somebody have the opinion that the development of economy can bring the higher technology level, which possibly is the key of the pollution problem. But the people who hold the opposite judgment hold that the environment can’t be repaired even though the new technology has been invented. They appeal to the government that the society should retarded the progress of economic development to protect the environment. As to me, the first view is preferable. The reasons are as follows. As far as I am concerned, the environment can’t be repairable, just like the animals that has be extinct can’t reappear. The environment must be protected before it become irredeemable. The public should pay more attention to the problem of pollution instead of the economy. Everybody should give his or her support to environment’s protection, such as try to have a low-carbon lifestyle, reject the product that has damaged the environment. To conclude, the development of modern society is just like a double-edged sword. With them we may have less trouble dealing with problems in life and enjoy a better-off life. However, one point should be kept in mind that we should take sensible use of them, always being the masters of them.
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