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There are so many new inventions that have changed the way we live. Some of the inventions are cell phones, computers, texting, face book, GPS, I Pods and many more. Every invention has there own way on how they change the way we live like the GPS shows us how to get to places, texting so you don’t get bored if your out of the house, computers to look up information, cell phones to contact anybody in case of emergency, I pods can be heard at any moment and anytime of day whether your bored or not. But one of the inventions that has changed the way I live is face book.

Face book has impacted me the most by it’s amazing way to communicate with other people online. One way you can communicate with people online is by writing on there wall, chatting, sending messages, comments, and updating status. You can also find people from the past. As well as, posting videos and pictures on peoples walls. You can send people to become a fan of or event invitation. People like to comment on status, pictures and videos either because they think the videos are funny or the pictures are random and there funny to laugh at. More than person can comment or like the status, picture or video if they comment or like the status it will notify you immediately. People have fun communicating by face book because almost everybody has it and easier to contacted them.

Face book allows you to find people from anywhere around the world. You can find about anybody you want on face book. Your friends would ask you ‘Hey, do you have face book?’ Your response would be “Yes, I do. Who doesn’t now a days.’ Even though most people have there profiles on private if you want them to be your friend you should send them a friend request. Some people would get random friend request from people they don’t know or you think you may not know them. Here’s an example that I want to give. Lets say you and your friend have been friends for 5 years. You move and you guys lose touch. One day you can...
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