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Real World Marketing Syllabus 2011-2012
Students: Welcome to the Real World of Marketing! This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to be a successful, modern marketer. Forget what you have learned about marketing. Now is the time to build new skills to compete. It’s hard to find a profession that has changed more than marketing. A rapidly changing technological landscape and shifting consumer behavior have eviscerated the marketer’s comfortable command-andcontrol world of branding, advertising and the 4Ps. A brand is now what Google says it is. Have a great TV spot? Well, remote controls and DVRs are the ubiquitous commercial-avoidance tools of choice. If consumers aren’t seeing your ads, well surely they’re still engaging with your sales people and your website. Nope. Consumers seek advice from trusted friends – and marketers, sales people and corporate Websites are not in that peer network. They’re increasingly seeking advice from LinkedIn Groups, Facebook friends, Quora and Focus. Have a shiny new press release? The only change is that these days the release has no real news in it, but is chock full of links to improve natural search results. How is your blog performing? What’s your personal Klout score? Is your content up on YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo and dozens of other places? How is your social sentiment trending on Radian6? What’s your SenderScore? You know, if it’s too low, all those beautiful emails you have been creating will never get to your intended recipients. How are your SQOs converting? Are you using Flash or HTML5 on your website? How many MQLs did you generate from that big trade show? And what’s your cost per MQL? What’s a marketer to do? Regrettably, textbooks and MBA classes have fallen behind the actual practice of marketing. So, we’ve created a new curriculum for a modern marketer. We have assembled lessons from some of the most respected voices in the field, and collected practical advice from some of most successful marketers working today. The result is our Real World Marketing Syllabus. Students, welcome to the real world. INSTRUCTOR: Brian Kardon CMO, Eloqua …with friends from the global world of marketing CLASS MEETINGS: Anytime, anywhere OFFICE HOURS: Tweet (@bkardon) me. I am very interested in your ideas and input. What have we missed? What did you find most valuable? CLASS POLICIES: Smart phones, tablets, laptops and all means of communication are encouraged in class. Please share the ideas you find most valuable with friends and colleagues.


Week 1: Personal and Corporate Branding in a Social World
Most marketers think they understand branding. The practice has existed for decades. But if you believe it resembles the kind of spitball technique seen on Mad Men, think again. The ubiquity of information available on the Web and the rapid growth of social media has inextricably linked corporate and personal brands. In a fragmented media environment, corporations struggle to create an identifiable, lasting presence. At the same time, individuals have gained unfettered access to the tools and media channels they need to create their own brands. To understand the branding dilemma in this modern context, it’s important for marketers to understand how to build their personal brands, and how those commingle with the companies they work under. The following readings will help make sense of the landscape. A brand isn’t what a brand says. A brand is what a brand does. – Edward Boches details his back and forth conversation with thought leader Doc Searls on branding. Why You Can’t Market like Apple (or Why Marketing is Hard) – April Dunford breaks down why companies need to remain nimble if they’re going to be disruptive brands. “Top of Mind” is B2B Marketing Schmaltz –...
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